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กศน วัดนอก ชลบุรี วัดนอกน้อย

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An almost forgotten glory

They also visited Issaresrajanusorn Throne Hall, which was King Pinklao's European-style living quarters. The Front Palace was divided into three zones -- the outer zone for soldiers to safeguard; the middle zone with the hall of Buddha statues; Siwamokphiman and Phutthaisawan throne halls; and Moo Phra Vimarn, the inner zone where the viceroys lived. All of these zones are now the museum's exhibition halls. Several more mansions were built during the reign of King Pinklao. Among them were Kotchakam Prawet Pavilion, Mangalapisek, Ekalongkot and Issaresrajanusorn Throne Halls. Only the Issaresrajanusorn Throne Hall still stands. The last destination was Wat Bovornsatharnsuthavart, or Wat Phra Kaeo Wang Na, which is now in the compound of the Bunditpatanasilpa Institute. It was a highlight due to its interesting history and art styles. Murals on the interior walls combine the traditional Thai and Western perspective drawing approaches and depict both traditional Thai and Western-style architecture, decorative items and outfits. The Front Palace's architecture was highly influenced by that of the Ayutthaya period and mirrors its users' political and social status, which was strictly applied during the early Rattanakosin period.

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