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Summer shopping: The best cheap online stores for your summer wardrobe

I have had some friends order more formal dresses with Tobi and been successful. The clothes for sale on Tobi’s website are more expensive than Shein or Zaful, with the prices being more realistic for the kind of clothes it’s offering. Saying this, it is important to note that its customer service isn’t always the best. Tobi is notorious for either sending incorrect items or not processing orders for quite a long time. While this may be true, it doesn’t happen to everyone — many have been successful with their orders. I have ordered quite a few things on SammyDress , ranging from sundresses to jewelry to activewear. All of my purchases were successful, the sizes were right, the customer service was extremely friendly and I received my items within just a few days. Not to mention, its prices are impeccable for college students and it offers great seasonal coupons. This website offers clothes for men as well, which is not always featured as much in other websites. Most of the time, you really are getting the quality you pay for.

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