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Daniella Teutsch and Sara Wolf started their athletic clothing company, HydroChic , in 2007 to give modest women more attractive swimwear options. But they quickly found that their market included another group of badly underserved women: those who had undergone medical procedures or had skin conditions. By talking to customers, the duo discovered that women whod had mastectomies and bariatric surgeries wanted garments that would support and conceal. And women who suffered from skin cancer or psoriasis needed all-over skin protection. Combined, these women had quietly become a significant part of the New Rochelle, N.Y., companys customer base. So Teutsch and Wolf began designing athletic wear with them in mind, and now they offer everything from swim tops with built-in mastectomy bras to workout gear that offers compression, as well as skin-protecting suits with sleeves and longer legs. Indeed, while improving the lives of all sorts of women has always been a focus for Teutsch and Wolf, catering to women with special health needs has become one cornerstone of their business. And it has paid off -- both financially and personally. Teutsch says newly empowered customers frequently write to say they never wanted to be active and felt uncomfortable being in the water until finding HydroChic. Dipping a Toe Into Entrepreneurial Waters Before starting up, Teutsch, 59, and Wolf, 45, were educators -- Wolf taught history in Westchester, N.Y., and Teutsch taught ชุดว่ายน้ําราคาถูก in a resource roomat a private high school in Boston.

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The tide has already begun to run out. Farewell Spit is especially deadly as it sits, like a hook, right in the pilot whales' path. Image copyright AFP Image caption About 200 stranded whales were able to get back to sea with the help of a high tide "They can swim straight into Golden Bay and the embrace of the Farewell Spit. It's just geographically a very tricky spot," Dr Constantine says. While the shallow water and its effect on echolocation is the most likely reason the animals become stranded at Farewell Spit, Dr Constantine says pilot whales also have strong social bonds, and this could explain why such large numbers become stuck, or return once rescuers re-float them. "I have attended a fair few strandings and what is highlighted is how variable they all are," she says. "We do know that because they are quite strongly socially-bonded, they will hang out with each other, but to be honest, every stranding is different. Sometimes they just muck up and don't get the right cues, and other times its because they are strongly bonded to [stranded] individuals in the group." "We think there's some confusion going on in each stranding, but finding a reason is often difficult," she says. Image copyright Reuters Image caption The dead whales have been marked with an "X" Scientists don't know for sure why they regularly beach in January or February, though Dr Constantine said it could be because of feeding patterns and changes in ocean temperature which see more whales passing through the Cook Strait at that time of year.

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